Get Involved

Let's Talk & Get Involved!

5 Reasons to Get Involved

  1. Earn Allah (SWT)'s Pleasure - Reward in this world and the hereafter!

  2. Your Child Benefits - Research has shown when parents are involved, their children do well in academics and have fewer discipline problems in school

  3. Make a Difference - The school's mission is to create a positive Islamic environment for students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. An hour or two of your involvement a week can make a difference

  4. Fill the Gaps - Help us fill the gaps by being a teacher, substitute, serve luncheons, hall monitor, or with wudu as the school is asked to do more with less

  5. Meet New People - Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents, share experiences, and develop friendships

Interested in Volunteering? Fill out the Volunteer form below and someone from our team will be in contact with you shortly. If you are having trouble filling out the below embedded form, please visit this link and fill out the volunteer form directly.