About Us

About our Administration

The Administration Office acts as a point of contact for all parents, students, teachers, staff and volunteers. To help AMCO Sunday School run smoothly on a weekly and long-term basis, it becomes necessary for our Administration to wear many hats, starting from sharpening pencils to ordering supplies to school safety and cleanliness. These are one of the few things the office is always busy and engaged with.

Other functions include but not limited to are support and manage queries, enroll students, organize and maintain schedules, maintain immunization and academic records, book ordering, purchase of school furniture and office equipment, and management of school expenses and budgets.

Our Administration plays a very important role ensuring students, parents, teachers, staff and volunteers have the best school experiences.

You may contact Administration with any questions at: School_Admin@amco.org

About our Curriculum Committee

Having correct information is the first steps to developing a curriculum. At AMCO Sunday School, our Curriculum Committee strives in ensuring all information related to Qur’an, Tafseer, Qur’anic Grammar, Islamic Studies, and Seerah & History are relayed to students by our teachers are accurate, appropriate and engaging.

“Verily, the best speech is the book of Allah, and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 5747)

Our Curriculum Committee takes the above hadith to heart. All information must come from the Qur’an and traced back to authentic teaching of Rasulullah ﷺ. Allah (SWT) has preserved His speech in the Qur’an by correcting previous messages and revelations found in the holy books that have either been changed or distorted over time.

What we impart to our students, we are held accountable to Allah (SWT) for its accuracy/correctness. May Allah (SWT) protect and forgive us from such errors. Ameen.

The Curriculum Committee is not only responsible for authenticating material used for instructing, but also responsible for course proposals, lesson plans, addition and deletion of academic programs, general policies impacting instruction and learning for students from Pre K – Grade 11, and creating feedback forms for parents, students and teachers through surveys.

About our Teachers

The heart of AMCO Sunday School is our teachers. Great teachers are those who inspire, guide, motivate and enlighten students to reach their full potential so that they may continue on learning, long after they have left the classroom. To ensure every student receives a quality Islamic education at AMCO Sunday School, we do our utmost to place knowledgeable, skilled, well-prepared, kind, caring and nurturing teachers in all classrooms.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ made it incumbent on all Muslims the pursuit of beneficial knowledge, including the love of their Prophet ﷺ, love for his Family and Qur’an recital so that they may succeed in this life and the hereafter, in shaa Allah.

Our children are our greatest asset and treasure. What we teach them today, shapes their tomorrow and future generations to come. That’s why at AMCO Sunday School, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure each of our classroom is equipped with minimum of one teacher and teacher’s assistant, enhanced curriculum in facilitating the love of learning, and meeting the needs of the students to ensure lesson plans and material are understood and applied in and out of the classroom. Our teachers are committed to help students build strong Islamic character, manners and respectful demeanor.

Our teachers are diverse and come from all walks of life with background in education, business, art, accounting, political science, information technology, engineering, chemistry and medicine. We are blessed with a richly, diverse group of teachers and grateful for their services, and look forward to imparting and inculcating proper and correct knowledge to our students so they become practicing believers of Islam.

About our Lunch Staff

The way to a student’s heart is through their stomach! If students were to rule our luncheon menu, it would only be fried chicken every Sunday! We understand the role healthy luncheon plays on their health, well-being and performance. Alhamdulillah, we are blessed to have a dedicated luncheon team at AMCO Sunday School, always trying to find ways to make luncheon delicious and enjoyable for our students, each week, from pizzas to chicken wrap to macaroni and cheese. Proper knowledge in meal planning and food handling is extremely important to ensure student nutritional needs and food safety are met, along with proper set up, clean up and sterilization of utensils and other equipment during food preparation.

Please feel free to sponsor a meal by contacting Administration at School_Admin@amco.org

About our Communications Team

What makes our school successful? It is the continuous communication among parents, students, teachers, staff and volunteers that make AMCO Sunday School go around! Our Communication Department work closely with the Administration, Curriculum Committee, Lunch Team and IT to ensure all pertinent information are relayed in a timely manner so that our students and parents know what goes on in school. Having correct information at the right time not only help students succeed in school but encourage learning at home, too!

From managing essential communication functions to researching, writing and publication of school newsletters, you will also find the Communication team’s presence at school and community events, photographing or videoing activities as needed to be uploaded on school’s website and distributed through e-mail.

About our IT Team

The importance of having an Information Technology (IT) Department at AMCO Sunday School cannot be overstated. Our IT staff play a key role in facilitating, providing and supporting efficient and reliable tools for learning and managing school functions. They support teachers with the integration of technology into both teaching and learning with the objective of keeping students engaged, development of imagination, innovation and creativity, provide technical support to all staff and volunteers, and assist in the research and development of new methods and technologies that advance our school’s program.

Alhamdulillah, this year, with the help of our wonderful IT staff, we launched a much needed school website, enabling parents to register online, students to learn of school programs, news and events, and the ability for our community to find teaching and volunteering opportunities.