The heart of AMCO Sunday School is our teachers. Great teachers are those who inspire, guide, motivate and enlighten students to reach their full potential so that they may continue on learning, long after they have left the classroom. To ensure every student receives a quality Islamic education at AMCO Sunday School, we do our utmost to place knowledgeable, skilled, well-prepared, kind, caring and nurturing teachers in all classrooms.  


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ made it incumbent on all Muslims the pursuit of beneficial knowledge, including the love of their Prophet ﷺ, love for his Family and Qur’an recital so that they may succeed in this life and the hereafter, in shaa Allah. 


Our children are our greatest asset and treasure. What we teach them today, shapes their tomorrow and future generations to come. That’s why at AMCO Sunday School, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure each of our classroom is equipped with minimum of one teacher and teacher’s assistant, enhanced curriculum in facilitating  the love of learning, and meeting the needs of the students to ensure lesson plans and material are understood and applied in and out of the classroom. Our teachers are committed to help students build strong Islamic character, manners and respectful demeanor.


Our teachers are diverse and come from all walks of life with background in education, business, art, accounting, political science, information technology, engineering, chemistry and medicine. We are blessed with a richly, diverse group of teachers and grateful for their services, and look forward to imparting and inculcating proper and correct knowledge to our students so they become practicing believers of Islam.